Austin Stores Reup on our Divine Mary Mix!

I keep thinking I should put off blogging till I have some really BIG, DRAMATIC news to announce, share, etc., but my life as a middle aged single mom and Bloody Mary hocker rarely present such opportunities. I mean there is my personal life and the fact that my youngest daughter is leaving me in a week for college and I will be left alone in a puddle of lumpy fat and saggy wrinkles to die a slow, painful death all alone in this world! But this is a professional blog, so I will focus on all of the small, yet very gratifying news in the world of Divine Mary Mix.

We have re-ordered!! That means that between our major, minor and bar accounts we are selling a lot of mix!! Specs has re-ordered (and increased their order!) and we have added Live Oak Market, Beverage World/Whip In, Wheatsville and Austinites in the last couple of weeks! Austinites is a new store opening at 183 and Anderson and carries exclusively Austin merchandise. Let’s support David in his effort by stopping by and picking up a few early Christmas gifts (hint: Divine Mary Mix and Titos make an AWESOME gift!). I also restocked Wiggys last week! Sweet.

We will be doing some more tastings around town soon, so check out the Divine Mary Mix facebook and twitter for updates! As I am also working some shifts at our three stores now, come in and introduce yourself and remind me that I’m not losing a child, but gaining a life! And that I still look hot! Thanks.

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