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Blog, huh? Okay. There’s a first for everything. By way on introduction, I’m Sister and sister-in-law to owners Michael and Susan Parker. Since I’m the entertainer of the family, (well, the loud one, anyway) I get the job of marketing and selling Divine Mary Mix! The first thing I learned is that it’s REALLY GOOD! And while I have always loved our mix, the feedback I’ve gotten from “industry professionals” is amazing. So, that feedback has been of great comfort to me as I hit the streets with rolling ice chest in tow. It always helps when you are given the task of selling a product that it’s good.

Whew! We got ourselves an Ally (everyone needs one) who is a graphic designer with amazing speed and productivity. She slammed out in a week a website (this one!) loads of product info sheets, business cards, marketing materials and an awesome banner with Michael Parker and Tito Beveridge which is presently hanging over the down bar at Freehouse. Please check it out….oh, she did the label, too which ROCKS! So..great product and amazing graphics…it seems this stuff is really ready to sell itself. All I have to do is hand out samples and we’re in business.

There are some bars that have expressed hesitation about using the mix because they don’t want to serve a competitors product in their bar, but not that many thank goodness. The mission here is not to promote Opal’s, but to give Austin an original, authentic version of the Bloody Mary that we can all be proud of. If there is one thing Michael and Susan are not, it’s self -promoting. They are just good, cool people trying to serve quality products to good, cool people like you and make a living doing it. It’s awesome they have hired a loudmouth shameless promoter like me to shout about it!

Back to sales….thus far, all the Twin and Specs stores in Austin are now stocking and selling the mix (first things first) and a few other stores…Farm to Market, Wiggys (heart) and of all places…City Center Beverages in Sun City! Thanks to all who gave me suggestions of where to go next! We have been serving samples of the mix with Titos Handmade Vodka (Love me some Bellanti, Jenna and Happy!) (and even though he isn’t working with us, Sweet Leaf Danny cuz he’s so cute!) at charitable events and of course, Pride Parade (woot!). We will be making a showing next week on July 16th at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre to help some local filmmakers raise some well deserved $$ and also at the Barr Mansion benefit event at Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Park on July 18th. Please stop by and drop some change in the booty to help these folks out….I mean, jeez, there’s a free Bloody Mary in it for you!

Before I wrap up this Blog #1, I want to thank all you guys who came out to our Month of Sundays promotional events at the stores! We had a lot of fun infusing Tito’s with Bacon and jalapenos and with the whacky garnish bar! There’s probably some bacon infused Tito’s left at a couple of stores if you hurry! Gonna hit E. 6th today and some more markets next week. Thanks for all your support and especially to our Facebook Fans and Tweetastic followers!

Cheers, Carol

Carol Hickey

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