Austin, Texas is a bloody mary kinda town:

A little spicy and up for anything, just like our beloved Opal Divine.Opal Divine We wanted to do her proud, so we took on the challenge of crafting Austin’s own Bloody Mary Mix.

We’ve been honing our mixing talents for years now, stirring, testing drinking and drinking some more. We know, it was hard work, but Austin deserves only the best. You’ve waited many long years, and it’s finally here, Opal’s Divine Mary Mix.

We hope you enjoy drinking as much as we did making it. Cheers! - Michael and Susan Parker

Austin Stores Reup on our Divine Mary Mix!

I keep thinking I should put off blogging till I have some really BIG, DRAMATIC news to announce, share, etc., but my life as a middle aged single mom and Bloody Mary hocker rarely present such opportunities. I mean there is my personal life and the fact that my youngest daughter is leaving me in…

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